Naughty Dog fans don’t want The Last of Us Part 3

Naughty Dog fans don’t want The Last of Us Part 3
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14th Aug 2023 11:18

It's been three years since Naughty Dog released The Last of Us Part II, and while we had to wait a whopping seven years between the first and second game, we'd expect a bit of an update on what's next by now. However, as the acclaimed developer moves forward, not everyone wants to see The Last of Us Part 3.

Back in the day, Naughty Dog was known for the PlayStation powerhouse of Crash Bandicoot, but has since moved onto the likes of Uncharted, Jak and Daxter, and (obviously) The Last of Us. The latter arguably has the most scope to expand, and as the Cordyceps infection grows, so do our hopes for The Last of Us Part 3.

Not everyone wants The Last of Us Part 3

News recently broke that Naughty Dog boss Neil Druckmann has added "Writer/Director unannounced game" to his Instagram bio, confirming he's working on something new for the developer. When DomTheBomb asked the Twitterverse what they'd like it to be, there were some interesting reactions.

Although The Last of Us Part 3 has earned 53% of the 2,092 votes, the idea of a brand-new IP is in second with 30%. It's clear that while there are plenty of ways we could continue The Last of Us with Ellie, Abby, Lev, or someone new, others want something completely different from Naughty Dog.

Going against the idea of The Last of Us Part 3, one gamer wrote, "Brand New IP Something equally high budget/quality as TLOU and UC, but sci-fi/space or fantasy, with lots of platforming, acrobatics, wall-running..etc."

Another added, "New IP I don't ever want a part 3. Wish Last of Us would have been left alone in the first place," and a third said, "I feel like with the Last of Us they kind of fell into the 'Skyrim Trap' and that they need to break away from it for a while."

A fourth concluded, "Something that will remind people that they aren't just that company that made TLOU which is pretty much all anyone remembers since they let Uncharted fizzle out and claimed they're done with it & the last Crash Bandicoot game we got was a MOBA."

What's going on with The Last of Us Part 3?

The Last of Us Abby and Lev
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While it's important to remember The Last of Us Part 3 hasn't been confirmed, Druckmann previously claimed the story for a third game had already been written. We also heard recent rumours about a very different The Last of Us Part 3, which would involve a new crop of diverse characters.

This should obviously be taken with a huge pinch of salt. We're still waiting for the long-awaited Factions multiplayer, but given the divisive reception of Part 2, Naughty Dog could restore faith in The Last of Us. With the dev confirming it's done with Uncharted, at least we know the mystery title won't bring back Nathan Drake.

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