Semantle answer today: Monday 21 August 2023

Semantle answer today: Monday 21 August 2023
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Jake Bannister


21st Aug 2023 05:00

Semantle is a context based guessing game, where each of your guesses are a given a rating on how close it is to the secret word, with the goal being to guess the secret word.

Semantle is a popular spin off from the groundbreaking word game hype that really came to light at the end of 2021. The word game hype included giants such as Wordle and Heardle, however Semantle has its own unique spin, and is powered by a Google neural network.

Semantle was created by game creator David Turner and began officially publishing as of February 27th 2022. What's equally great about Semantle is that it is completely free to play and incredibly fun.

All word games alike can be complicated on some days, as it can be just too far a stretch of general knowledge for one single person, but that is nothing to be ashamed of and where we come in with the Semantle answer today.

Not every Semantle word is the easiest, sometimes they go a way we could have not predicted. In those cases, it can feel a bit unfair to lose over one obscure word. In those circumstances, you might want to have a sneak peek at the answer.

Semantle Answer Today
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Semantle answer today - Monday 21 August 2023

This is your final chance before the answer for today’s Semantle will be revealed, so make sure you’re absolutely certain that you want to see the answer before we reveal the answer.

If you’re sure you want to see the answer, then continue to scroll down and all will be revealed for you.

Today’s Semantle answer for Monday 21 August 2023 is Choose.

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