Framed answer today: Monday 21 August 2023

Framed answer today: Monday 21 August 2023
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Jake Bannister


21st Aug 2023 05:00

The Framed answer today is a relatively recent classic. Framed grants clues one frame at a time for a movie, and tasks the player with figuring out what the film in question is. Hopefully, the answer will be obvious to you, but sometimes the film just isn't in your wheelhouse.

For anyone not too familiar with Framed, it’s a popular spin-off to the word game giant Wordle that came into mass popularity in February 2022.

Framed however hit up a niche that many weren’t exploring and looked to provide the incredibly loyal and large movie fan base with their own alternative to enjoy each day. If you are ever stuck with the Wordle Answer Today, or even need a hint with Yesterday's Wordle Answer we've got you covered as well.

As with any word game, puzzle or crossword, the answers on some days can be just too difficult for any single person's knowledge, so some days it’s no shame to seek some help to keep that winning streak alive.

For those instances, we are here to help out and move you onto the next day with the solution to today's Framed.

Framed answer today - Monday 21 August 2023

Framed Answer Today
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Hopefully, after long deliberation, you may have figured out the answer to today's Framed solution yourself, but if you still want to check out the answer, it is just below.

This is your last chance to turn back and avoid the answer. If you want to try for the Framed answer today again, do not scroll any further. You have been warned.

The Framed answer today is Blazing Saddles.

That is today's Framed answer. Hopefully, you got it right without losing your hot streak. If you need help in the future, make sure to come back to GGRecon where we have all solutions and guides to your favourite games such as the Octordle Answer Today, Globle Answer Today and many more.

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