CoD fans convinced MW3 is going to kill Captain Price

CoD fans convinced MW3 is going to kill Captain Price
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Jack Marsh


18th Aug 2023 13:11

For over a decade, Captain Price has been imperious in the Call of Duty series, being untouchable in the campaigns despite watching his friends perish before his very eyes.

The legend has been on a journey of regret and vengeance over the years, and although the rebooted series has yet to have seen his friends die, Modern Warfare 3 is gearing up for one of the most brutal campaigns yet, with promises of death.

Yet the omnipotent Captain Price might actually be the one to lay down his weapons this year, as Modern Warfare 3 fans are convinced that the Cap will die.

Modern Warfare 3 trailer hints at Captain Price's death


With the Modern Warfare 3 trailer having aired, fans have been quick to point out that the infamous Captain Price appears to be in a perilous way, as a short snippet shows the character collapse in the arms of Soap and Ghost.

You can also hear Soap saying, "We need a medical bag now!".

This comes in the wake of the arrival of Makarov, Price's arch nemesis in the previous Modern Warfare series, who could be ready to make a statement by taking the life of CoD's favourite protagonist.

While some fans are predicting this to be a ploy, as "no way they are spoiling a main character's death in a trailer," is the call from many, others are predicting that Captain Price actually will die in Modern Warfare 3.

Is Modern Warfare 3 gearing up to kill Captain Price?


Many fans have speculated that Captain Price will die in Modern Warfare 3, as as the developers are planning on releasing more Modern Warfare games, it could be time to revisit the cancelled Ghost story.

The devs have previously expressed a desire to get into the background of Simon "Ghost" Riley, and promoting him to the leader of Task Force 141 amid Price's death could be precisely the right time to do so.

Modern Warfare 3 could well be Price's last chapter in the series before we see Ghost take the lead, and there won't be any returning from the dead like Graves, as the team will likely want to do everything in its power to keep the leader alive. Only death will stop him from continuing the fight.

Of course, this is all speculation, and Price could wipe the floor with Makarov, and we can all go on to live happily ever after.

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