New God of War game teased by job listings

New God of War game teased by job listings
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Tom Chapman


18th Aug 2023 15:09

Fimbulwinter might have ended, but rest assured that Kratos will be picking up his Blades of Chaos again. As one of Sony's biggest IPs out there, was anyone really buying that God of War Ragnarok was the end of the road for this mythological masterpiece?

While the writing was on the wall about whether the 2022 game would do the unthinkable and kill Kratos, the titular God of War scraped through to fight another day. With Atreus by his side, gruff daddy Kratos is ready for another adventure, and thankfully, it could be on the way soon.

Sony job listing hints at a new God of War game

As the developers of the God of War franchise, Sony Santa Monica has kickstarted a hiring spree, hinting that its next game is brewing out in the aether. In particular, the team is looking for a Combat DesignerSr. Combat Designer, and Sr Combat Designer (Companions).

While this could be for any ol' game, it's interesting that all mention how applicants "must have knowledge of God of War (2018) and God of War Ragnarok." It's not much of a leap to put the piece together and guess that the studio is working on something related to God of War. 

SSM hasn't confirmed or denied anything right now, and there's a chance it's for some sort of GoW-adjacent project other than a full-blown Ragnarok sequel. We never got a DLC, but with so much time having passed, it seems doubtful. Also, it seems unlikely we'll get a remake of the 2018 game akin to The Last of Us Part I

How did God of War Ragnarok end?

Kratos God of War Ragnarok
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Leaving the doors open, for more, God of War Ragnarok ended with Odin having been bested and order returning to the Nine Realms. In terms of our heroes, Atreus was heading out on his own to find out more about the Giants, while Kratos stayed in Midgard with the mission of providing help to those who need it.

It would be easy to leave the story here, but remember Tyr actor Ben Prendergast said it's not the last we've seen of the Norse god of war. We know there will be a change of scenery, as God of War overseer Cory Barlog explained why there won't be a trilogy of Norse games

We could go anywhere, and even though there won't be another Norse game, Ragnarok cues a vengeful Sindri as the big bad of a sequel. The ending also teased a potential trip back to the scorched plains of Greece, while others have called for a move into Chinese mythology. Either way, it'll be good to see that bearded brute again. 

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