Iconic Nacht Der Untoten Map Has Been Added To Halo

Iconic Nacht Der Untoten Map Has Been Added To Halo
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Jack Marsh


24th Jan 2023 09:56

Do aliens come back to life if they're killed? Thankfully, the Call of Duty scene hasn't quite explored this double-whammy ultimatum, but it appears fans want to find out anyway.

The undead flesh eaters first arrived in CoD way back in 2008, when the iconic Nacht Der Untoten was brought to us alongside the magic box and Insta Kill.

Since, the basic building has been remastered a record ten times throughout the series (the most time a map has been remade in the franchise's history, even beating Shipment).

Most recently, Nacht Der Untoten featured in both Black Ops Cold War maps Die Maschine and Forsaken. Now a fan-made remaster has taken the building to Halo - where dismembered limbs meet plasma.

Nacht Der Untoten Recreated In Halo Infinite's Forge

Social media page "InfiniteForges" has now rolled out a Halo-fied Nacht Der Untoten to their fans, using the Halo Infinite Forge map designer to recreate the Night of the Dead. 

The design only showed off the starting room, but barricades can be found in the same places we saw over a decade ago, while guns can be peeled off the walls.

InfiniteForges also added the nice touch of having their walkthrough of the map enhanced by the same rock music that has been accustomed to the Zombies sub-franchise, specifically the song "115" by Elena Siegman.

Halo Infinite's Forge Is Recreating Iconic Call of Duty Maps

The Nacht Der Untoten remake isn't the only design the artist has nabbed from the FPS rival. InfiniteForges has also recreated the likes of Nuketown, Rust, and Shipment.

So, if you fancied taking on your Halo counterparts into the ultimate one-versus-one, you have plenty of arenas to exert your dominance within.

Unlike some other designs by this artist, the map unfortunately cannot be played on yet. Although, if Halo Infinite's unsettled future does involve AI, it will likely be opened up.

Previously we've seen everything from Toy Story's bedroom to a working Infection mode being made in Forge. It's only a matter of time until the builders add the entirety of Verdansk to create their own battle royale experience.

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