Halo Infinite Devs Update Forge Plans After Layoffs

Halo Infinite Devs Update Forge Plans After Layoffs
343 Industries

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Joseph Kime


7th Feb 2023 15:39

343 Industries hasn't exactly been showing everyone its best side recently. While Halo Infinite has withheld many of its promises, assuring fans that features like Forge (that many feel should have been in the game on launch) would be coming soon, it's failed to follow through.

Many have wondered what's happening behind the scenes to make this happen - and it has recently become clear.

343 Industries has been going through huge changes, with important team members leaving and huge sums of staff being laid off to make way for what lies beyond Halo Infinite. But as fans scramble with concern, 343 Industries has attempted to quell the chaos.

343 Industries Offer Forge Update

Though the development of the Forge mode for Halo Infinite has been pretty quiet, even despite the huge layoffs at 343 Industries, we've finally got some kind of confirmation that the mode is still up for updates, even after it was confirmed that Halo Infinite wouldn't get a DLC.

In response to a fan query on Twitter, the Lead Designer of Forge at 343 Industries, Michael Schorr (better known online as Forge Lord), has assured players of exactly what's next in the plan for the mode.

The high level plan for Forge is still the same," he says. "We'll be adding new features and quality of life improvements, fixing bugs, and responding to player feedback. We've already talked about some of the upcoming Forge features (AI spawning, Minigame mode, and editing dev maps)."

The Next Halo Game Will Be Built In Unreal Engine 5

As part of the new announcements surrounding the Halo franchise, 343 Industries has revealed that it's full steam ahead on their new project titled Project Tatanka, and the next game will be produced in Unreal Engine 5 rather than the Slipspace Engine.

This is a big deal, but supposedly, the decision was made as the original engine has been deemed clunky by those working on it. This increasingly outdated tech is also thought to be one of the leading causes for problems during the development of Halo Infinite.

Change might be on the horizon, but it looks like 343 Industries is keen to tidy up Forge before the devs call it a day on their current project. Say your goodbyes while you can.

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