Future Call of Duty games could have 'Halo Forge' map editor

Future Call of Duty games could have 'Halo Forge' map editor
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Jack Marsh


11th May 2023 17:37

There's a sense of irony that some of the best Call of Duty modders have now become developers for the franchise, yet while they have progressed from part-time map-making to a full-time Infinity Ward post, the iconic shooter franchise still doesn’t have a Halo-esque Forge mode.

It was leaked that Modern Warfare 2 might be the first Call of Duty game to toy with this idea, creating a game mode that allowed fans to build and design their own multiplayer maps that would then be playable.

But we're now deep into the third season of MW2, and no Forge-like mode has been added. Now, the developers have spoken out as to why, as well as the possibility of it coming in future CoD games.

Infinity Ward explains why Call of Duty doesn't have a Forge game mode

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Forge, akin to the new Fortnite Creative mode, allows players to build their own maps, which has inspired imaginative minds to recreate landscapes like Andy's Bedroom from Toy Story, Lord of the Rings' Hobbit Hole, and Princess Peach's Castle.

Fortnite players have even remade Call of Duty multiplayer maps like Rust and Shipment, and Zombies layouts like Nacht Der Untoten. Still, Activision has yet to deploy a likeminded mode.

But it is something that Infinity Ward wants, they just don’t have the facilities for it as they juggle a wealth of modes, such as Warzone.

Multiplayer Design Director Geoff Smith has now said, "It would take a whole team to constantly keep it up to date and break it off so it stays secure," which wouldn't work given the multitude of studios that it takes to keep Call of Duty's branches growing.

Infinity Ward 'would love' a Forge mode in Call of Duty

In an interview with Dexerto, Smith did add that "It's something dear to our hearts," which was also echoed by Infinity Ward’s Design Director of Multiplayer Joe Cecot.

"It's something we would love to do," Cecot told Dexerto. "It's just the complexity of our game and the creation of our game, the fact it’s photorealistic, it’s not something we’ve been able to do," he added.

While the developer duo didn't outright claim that a Forge mode is coming to the franchise, they did leave the door wide open for it to come in a future title, with it being possibly the next big expansion down the line.

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