Ex-Call of Duty and Halo devs launch ‘Sentinel’ as FPS rival

Ex-Call of Duty and Halo devs launch ‘Sentinel’ as FPS rival
Images via Pathless Productions

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Jack Marsh


24th May 2023 11:25

As the stairs beneath Call of Duty's throne begin to crumble, and Halo already lies at the foot of those steps in a heap, the FPS usurpers are all lining up to claim royalty. And now, another challenger has joined the line.

With XDefiant's beta test proving how fragile Call of Duty's ecosystem really is, there are a string of new FPS titles under development which plan on taking the blockbuster franchise apart - death by a thousand cuts.

Another Call of Duty and Halo rival is coming to the FPS genre, as former developers from both franchises have teamed to make a new sci-fi shooter named Sentinel.

Ex-Call of Duty and Halo Devs reveal new shooter game 'Sentinel'

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Joining the likes of XDefiant, the movement-heavy Combat Shooter, Dr Disrespect's divisive battle royale called Deadrop, and the upcoming 100 Thieves streamer-based shooter, Pathless Productions has now revealed Sentinel.

This sci-fi FPS plans to conquer the genre by inviting you to become "Space Vikings" and save humanity. With many shades of Halo and Destiny, the Sentinel reveal video showcases a player meandering through various jungle-like dystopian settings and fighting with alien creatures.

The title has only had "about 4 months of development" according to game developer Kaleb Nekumanesh, who is also a Senior Level designer on Immortals of Aveum.

Sentinel promises to be the 'definitive social sandbox shooter'

Primed with Space Vikings, Sentinel has now been described as the "definitive social sandbox shooter" by the ex-Call of Duty and Halo developers, which appears to be leaning into co-op play with a light and breezy approach.

Previously, titles like Apex Legends came as Call of Duty's main threat but have since found a nice place in the market, akin to Rainbow Six and Overwatch. But some more unfortunate games have been swatted down, despite their own positive quirks.

Spare a thought for Rogue Company, Hyperscape, and Splitgate, while Sentinel looks to avoid a similar fate - being the Halo killer or finding a nice gap in the market to blossom from within.

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