Why Has Halo Infinite Been So Well-Received?

Why Has Halo Infinite Been So Well-Received?
Credit: 343 Industries

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Jonno Nicholson


30th Nov 2021 14:30

Despite its surprise release, Halo Infinite has stolen the show in a year where the franchise is going up against the likes of Call of Duty and Battlefield for the first time in several years. Thanks to 343 Industries going back to basics and adding small, yet hugely impactful innovations that change how the game is played, Halo Infinite has been a huge success with hundreds of thousands of players dropping into matches on a regular basis. The switch to a free-to-play model has opened up the Halo franchise to a whole new base of players and despite the best efforts of Sledgehammer Games and DICE, 343 seems to have hit the jackpot in the highly competitive first-person shooter market. But why has Infinite been so well-received from players and fans?

Catering For All

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Whether you’re a fan of Big Team Battle or you want to get your fix of competitive action, Infinite offers various options for players of all skill levels, making it hugely accessible even for those that may not have plenty of time to sink into the game. Big Team Battle isn’t for everyone, which is where Ranked Arena comes into its own. Featuring a dedicated ranking system alongside the maps and game modes used in the Halo Championship Series (HCS), players have flocked to the playlist and have showered it with plenty of praise, with many expressing their frustrations surrounding Call of Duty’s lack of ranked playlist at launch.

In comparison to its rivals, 343 has done an amazing job to cater to the entire base of players without compromising on smaller features that other franchises have chosen to ignore until a later date. As the seasons progress, new features are likely to be added, and if the developer can keep this level of balance across all areas of multiplayer, The popularity of Infinite and its huge esports resurgence will show no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Constant Developer Communication

Although the launch of Infinite was delayed by a year, there are a few changes that have come to the attention of the community and were extremely quick to share their opinions. Slow Battle Pass progression has been one of the main talking points and just weeks since the game was released, 343 Industries has already confirmed that improvements to the feature are already in the works, much to the approval of those struggling to work their way through the tiers of content.

Compared to Call of Duty Vanguard, a triple-A title that may have benefitted from a delay, players can shoot through huge structures of the map and determine the location of an opponent that’s hidden behind cover thanks to ridiculously strong levels of aim assist.

While Halo players are receiving regular developer communication, Call of Duty players are still being left in the dark when it comes to any information on how Vanguard’s major flaws will be addressed. It’s no surprise as to why so many Call of Duty players have jumped ship to join the Master Chief.

Easy To Play, Difficult To Master

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Infinite’s core mechanics are marginally different from previous entries into the Halo franchise, which is great for seasoned veterans and for those jumping into the action for the very first time. While it’s relatively straightforward to unleash a barrage of gunfire from the barrel of the Assault Rifle, there are numerous elements of the game that can take more time to understand and master. Timings on power weapons, Active Camo, and Overshields are a crucial area of the competitive game to master, as these items can turn the tide of a match in a matter of seconds. Once you get familiar with the timings of these key items, coordination and map positioning in a bid to secure control makes it much easier to achieve victory. 

It may take some time for newer players to master some of the mechanics that have been a staple of the Halo series for years, but once things click into place, Infinite is a hugely enjoyable game whether it’s the all-out chaos of a Big Team Battle or a strategic Capture the Flag battle on Ranked Arena.

Very Few Flaws

Perhaps the biggest factor as to why Halo Infinite has been so well-received is the lack of bugs and glitches that have been discovered since it launched. More often than not, the opening weeks after launch are a time when numerous problems emerge, but other than the slow XP progression, there have been minimal issues within the game, much to the delight of fans.

As one of the smoothest and balanced first-person shooters currently available, the sky is the limit for Halo Infinite as its rivals attempt to claw back the ground it has lost to one of the most polished shooters to release in 2021.