CoD players convinced Master Chief skin will come to MW2

CoD players convinced Master Chief skin will come to MW2
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Alex Garton


12th Jul 2023 16:00

Microsoft has come out on top in its battle against the FTC and it's now expected that the $69 billion deal will finally go through.

As a result, Call of Duty fans have been speculating about potential future collaborations from games under the Microsoft banner. While there have been countless characters put forward, there's one that's mentioned more than any other when it comes to getting their own skin.

We're obviously talking about Halo's very own Master Chief, with a lot of the community making it clear they want him added "immediately."

CoD players want a Master Chief skin in MW2 & WZ2

Following Microsoft's victory over the FTC, popular Call of Duty account ModernWarzone took to Twitter to ask players "How long do you think it will take for Master Chief to get added as a $20 bundle in Call of Duty?."

This sparked a discussion in the community, with one user making it clear they want it "immediately" and another begging "please, that needs to happen ASAP."

Some fans even think that a full "Halo event" could be brilliant, introducing more iconic characters as well as Master Chief. Not everyone is enthusiastic, with one frustrated player arguing, "Master Chief doesn't fit the role of the series at all" and would look out of place.

Will MW2 & WZ2 ever get a Master Chief skin?

Halo Master Chief
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Courtesy of 343 Industries

While it's impossible to predict what Microsoft has planned for Call of Duty in the future, it is plausible that Master Chief could be added as a skin.

There are already Operator cosmetics that transform you into humanoid rats and cats, so a Halo character certainly isn't out of the question. Also, let's remember we had Master Chief in Fortnite - and CoD slowly feels like it's turning into. 

However, fans of the Mil-Sim aesthetic have been growing more and more frustrated with the direction of CoD's cosmetics, so it's possible a Halo skin or event may lead to a lot of backlash.

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