Halo Infinite Season 4 finally shows off Infection mode

Halo Infinite Season 4 finally shows off Infection mode
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Joseph Kime


15th Jun 2023 11:00

For many, the latest Halo title simply didn't live up to the expectation that it would hold up the franchise for years to come. With features failing to materialise when the shooter launched, players have never really felt like Halo Infinite has been complete.

As new content trickles in, it feels as though Halo Infinite is only approaching being considered "complete" - roughly a year and a half after launch. It's disappointing but doesn't mean players aren't ready to return when features finally appear. The classic Infection mode could be just the thing to make it happen.

Halo Infinite finally introduces Infection mode

Halo Infinite Season 4 finally shows off Infection Mode
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The slow release of seasons in Halo Infinite has proven to be frustrating for players, but it's finally paying off with a big drop. Halo Infinite Season 4 is reintroducing the classic Infection mode, that we all remember fondly being introduced back in Halo 3

It packs all of the gameplay that fans remember from back then and subsequent sequels - players darting around the map with energy swords, recruiting fleeing players to their team. The last man standing wins in mode that made its name as one of the most exciting multiplayer games of the early Xbox Live days.

The trailer shows all the usual tension as the number of "infected" players and the rest of us are whittled down. Infection has a brand-new lick of paint. We mean that literally, as the infected players are marked by a shimmering new red particle effect.

When is Halo Infinite's Infection coming out?

As revealed by the mode's reveal trailer, Infection is arriving as a part of Halo Infinite Season 4, which will be launching incredibly soon on June 20. Better yet, it's a free update, meaning you can get down with the sickness for nothing.

The launch trailer is massively exciting for old-school fans of the franchise, especially as it'll be out only five days from now. Still, with Call of Duty Season 4 coming out after less than a year, 343 has been dragging its heels. We hope the Halo announcer will be announcing "Infected" with as much gusto as we remember.

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