When do the weekly challenges reset in Halo Infinite?

When do the weekly challenges reset in Halo Infinite?
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14th Mar 2023 13:28

Halo Infinite is continuing to grow, with the latest season of the hit multiplayer game being the biggest yet. With more and more content arriving on a monthly basis, the promises fans were initially made are finally being realized, with plenty for everyone to sink their teeth into.

As with most multiplayer games these days, Halo Infinite includes Battle Passes and tons of XP to reward yourself with. One of the best ways of progressing through both of these is by completing the weekly challenges, which drop at the same time every week.

If you’re curious as to when this may be and want to know how long you have to complete the current Halo Infinite challenges, here’s everything you need to know.

When do the weekly challenges reset in Halo Infinite?

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While most multiplayer games have ongoing seasonal challenges - such as Fortnite and Call of Duty - for the most part, Halo Infinite sticks to its weekly format. In fact, it’s the primary resource for leveling up and accessing higher levels of the Battle Pass.

It was a sore topic at launch, with many complaining about the lack of post-match XP, however, changes have been implemented and the community has grown to embrace the way Halo Infinite tackles its levelling systems.

Finding out when these weekly challenges reset is vital in order to gain the most XP you possibly can. If you want to know the exact moment these challenges drop every Tuesday, here are the timings:

  • 11AM PST
  • 2PM EST
  • 7PM BST
  • 8PM CEST

Knowing these is key if you want to gather as much experience in Halo Infinite as possible. For the most part, these can be accomplished in a single session, but occasionally, you’ll have a tougher challenge that requires more time throughout the week.

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