Playable Fallout 2D is like an apocalyptic Metroid game

Playable Fallout 2D is like an apocalyptic Metroid game
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Joseph Kime


24th Apr 2023 13:05

The Fallout franchise has undergone a swathe of changes over the years, from a point-and-click role-playing game, to the full-3D of Fallout 3 and New Vegas, and then taking that formula to the world of multiplayer with Fallout 76.

Not all of these titles were particularly successful, but you get the picture. The apocalyptic adventure has always been the vessel for brilliant storytelling, from the personal lives of Ghouls to the potential decimation of entire towns (we know you blew up Megaton, you rotter).

But, there's one place Fallout has never gone, and that's backward. And thankfully, that's what one new project from a fan intends to do.

Fallout 2D is the game we never knew we needed

Under the moniker of OldFalloutFan, one team of developers has created a Metroidvania-esque 2D game set in the Fallout universe, and it looks like a raucous replication of the classic style.

A new video posted to the YouTube channel follows a vault dweller wandering around a dilapidated 2D landscape, not unlike Dead Cells, gunning down Ghouls and picking up loot as they go.

The game's aesthetic closely follows that of the early Fallout games, and is an incredibly faithful adaptation of the themes in the game, albeit from an all-new perspective.

It's an impressive-looking project, and we're hoping that soon we can flamethrower through Ghouls in the same way as the video's vault dweller.

When Is Fallout 2D Launching?

Sadly, there currently isn't a version of Fallout 2D that players can actually get their hands on - but it looks like there could be soon. The dev team behind the game claim that its Alpha version is almost complete, and that a demo version of the experimental title could soon be on the way.

Fallout 5 is still a long way off, and alongside hopes of a New Vegas sequel or remaster, something like a side-scrolling Fallout would be welcome. As we saw with Fallout Shelter, breaking from the norm is a popular idea.

We'd certainly hope we get to see more Fallout experiments, but then again, Fallout 76 wasn't exactly a hit. Either wat, seeing Ghouls being minigunned to death with some Samus-style gameplay looks like a hoot. 

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